The End of Tardis Travels

13 March 2011

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that it is the end of Tardis Travels for the foreseeable future (this probably comes as no suprise to many). I have decided to close Tardis Travels because I no longer have the time to update the site and have lost my dedication to doing so. Tardis Travels opened just under two years ago and I have enjoyed every minute of running it. In that time we have posted over 400 news updates, interviewed Doctor Who Stars, gained over 100 followers (Google and Twitter) and received over 23,000 hits! I am very proud of Tardis Travels and hope that one day it might continue. I will leave the site open as an archive so you can view everything on Tardis Travels. I hope you continue to enjoy Doctor Who!

OliLord - Owner of Tardis Travels


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