Torchwood series 4 airdate confirmed

07 January 2011

The bbc have confirmed that the new series of torchwood will air on bbc one from july the 1st .In a post on the official bbc facebook page it comfirmed that it will air on the same day in both the states and the uk .The show will take the 9pm slot on bbc one it is unknow at present what time it will air on states channel Starz.

In other news torchwood magzine have confirmed that filming will begin next week. Heading up production in the states will be former Angle show runner kelly Manners while Brain Minchin will be taking on the same role here in the uk.

UPDATE 00.24
The bbc have withdrawn the tranmission date .At this moment in time theres is no confirmed airdate For Torchwood series 4


Eliott 7 January 2011 at 14:34  
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